F-Zero GX’s producer “wouldn’t mind” working on another series entry

by Danny Craig  · 
F-Zero GX’s producer “wouldn’t mind” working on another series entry

Toshihiro Nagoshi, the producer of 2003's F-Zero GX, has stated that if the opportunity arises, he would be willing to work on a brand new F-Zero game.

The details:

  • Nagoshi was asked about his experience working on the title for Nintendo over 20 years ago in an interview with VGC, which he described as a "very nostalgic game" for him. He also stated that while working on the game, he learned how to create a "high-quality game to satisfy a fanbase," and that if given the opportunity, he "wouldn't mind working on it again.”
  • Nagoshi was then asked if his new position at Nagoshi Studio would make it more or less likely that Nintendo would approach him to create a new game in the series. He simply replied, "This is more of a question for Nintendo," implying that fans will have to wait even longer to see if the company plans to resurrect the franchise after nearly two decades.
  • Despite its 19-year hiatus, F-Zero's legacy remains as a major racing series for Nintendo alongside Mario Kart, with series icon Captain Falcon appearing in its Super Smash Bros. series since its inception on the Nintendo 64. There were rumors earlier in 2023 that a remaster of GX was on the way, but it appears less likely that it will arrive in the fourth quarter of the year.
  • Nagoshi joined Sega in 1989 and rose to the position of Chief Creative Officer before leaving in 2021 to join NetEase and launch Nagoshi Studio. During his time at Sega, he was instrumental in the development of the Like a Dragon (Yakuza) franchise, Super Monkey Ball, and F-Zero GX, which impressed executives at both Sega and Nintendo.

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