F-Zero GX might be receiving a remaster on Nintendo Switch

by Danny Craig  · 
F-Zero GX might be receiving a remaster on Nintendo Switch

A Nintendo news YouTuber, Nintendo Prime, has reported that the GameCube racer F-Zero GX is reportedly being remastered for a release on Switch, marking the first release in the series in almost two decades.

The details:

  • According to Nintendo Prime, multiple sources have confirmed that Nintendo first-party studio Next Level Games is working on a remaster of 2003's F-Zero GX. The game's release date is unknown, but video game podcaster NateTheHate stated last year that "F-Zero's time will come in 2023," so we could see a surprise release similar to the recent Metroid Prime remaster.
  • Next Level Games is best known for its work on the Luigi's Mansion series, beginning with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and the Mario Strikers series. According to reports, the studio is currently divided into two teams, one working on the F-Zero GX remaster and the other on an unannounced project. Following the release of the critically acclaimed Luigi's Mansion 3, the studio was acquired by Nintendo, resulting in the departure of the company's president, Douglas Tronsgard, in 2022.
  • If the rumors about the remaster are true, this will be the franchise's first release since F-Zero Climax for the Game Boy Advance in 2004, with many fans requesting a new game since then. Nintendo doesn't appear to have felt the need to create an entirely new title in the series as of yet, though the remaster could potentially lead to bigger things if the company sees it as a popular enough series to invest resources into. Fans will have to settle for playing the series' protagonist, Captain Falcon, in the Smash Bros. games until then.

Other Nintendo news:

  • According to a recent job posting, The Pokemon Company is interested in experimenting with new business models and revenue streams via Web3 technology. This comes after Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa stated in February 2022 that the company sees "great potential" in the metaverse.
  • An anonymous leaker claiming to work for a "Pokémon outsourcing company" has revealed that a "graphics enhancement patch" is being developed for a Nintendo Switch's successor, which is expected to be released alongside "DLC2" for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. According to reports, the new console will be a significant upgrade over the existing Switch hardware, as Microsoft has agreed to bring Call of Duty to the platform.
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