Diablo IV's long-awaited Steam release met with mixed response

by Danny Craig  · 
Diablo IV's long-awaited Steam release met with mixed response
Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo IV, Blizzard's second title to arrive on Steam, has finally been released to "mixed" reviews, with fans venting their frustrations with the title and its developer.

The details:

  • Diablo IV has arrived on Steam, and to no one's surprise, it has already received some negative reviews. Many players are complaining about the game's bugs, poorly designed UI, and monetization systems, while others are directing their rage at Blizzard for past controversies, with one reviewer writing, "I know Blizzard gets a lot of hate, but personally, I don't think it gets enough."

  • Overwatch 2, which was released on Steam in August, was heavily review-bombed for similar reasons, resulting in the game becoming the lowest-rated release on the entire platform. Although Diablo IV appears to be in a much better position in terms of public opinion, the percentage of positive reviews appears to be slowly declining and is currently at 53% at the time of writing.

  • Despite the mixed reviews, the game is off to a good start on the platform in terms of sales, with over 5,000 concurrent players, according to SteamDB. It is also the third-best-selling title right now, trailing only free-to-play titles Apex Legends and Counter-Strike 2.

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