Apex Legends tournament postponed after hackers give players cheats in-game

by Danny Craig  · 
Apex Legends tournament postponed after hackers give players cheats in-game

EA has announced that the North American finals of the first Apex Legends Global Series 2024 split have been postponed after hackers appeared to provide players with aimbots and other cheats during a game.

The details:

  • DarkZero player Genburten was the first to be targeted, with his in-game chat showing the message "Apex hacking global series by Destroyer2009 & R4ndom" before a cheat menu appeared on the screen. The player said "I'm getting hacked" and exited the game to avoid benefiting from being able to see all players in the lobby through walls.

  • TSM in-game leader ImperialHal, on the other hand, received an aimbot without warning and immediately told his coach to notify the tournament admins. He continued to play until the game was called off by staff, but during the rest of the match, he demonstrated the power of the cheating tool by taking out an opponent almost instantly without missing a shot.

  • The incidents immediately raised concerns about who was responsible, how it could have happened in a private lobby, and whether Apex or Easy Anti-Cheat had a security flaw. According to X user @AntiCheatPD, the attacker is using a Remote Code Execution (RCE) exploit to inject cheats into players' systems, which could then be used to install malware and cause additional out-of-game damage.

  • Following the hacks, the official ALGS X account confirmed that the NA finals have been postponed, with plans to share additional information about the tournament and possibly the hack "soon."

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