Zynga delays team-based shooter Star Wars: Hunters to 2024

by Danny Craig  · 
Zynga delays team-based shooter Star Wars: Hunters to 2024

Star Wars: Hunters, a Star Wars Overwatch-style team shooter from mobile publisher Zynga, has been delayed for the second time.

The details:

  • Zynga announced the delay in a post on its official Star Wars X account, stating that the game would now be released globally in 2024. There is no explanation for the delay, but Zynga states that its "top priority remains to ensure players have the best possible experience."

  • Hunters was announced in 2021 and was scheduled to be released by the end of the year on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. It was then soft-launched in a few Asian countries before being formally delayed in July 2022 for a full release in 2023 to ensure the title was of the "highest level of quality."

  • Overall, the reaction to the soft launch was mixed, with many claiming that the game offered nothing new in the realm of squad-based shooters other than a diverse roster of Star Wars characters. Others praised its casual approach and clean visuals, drawing positive comparisons to Overwatch's gameplay.

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