TimeSplitters developer Free Radical at risk of closure

by Danny Craig  · 
TimeSplitters developer Free Radical at risk of closure
Free Radical Design

It has been reported that Free Radical Design, the studio behind the beloved TimeSplitters series, may be shut down due to Embracer Group’s ongoing restructuring program.

The details:

  • As reported by VGC, those close to the UK-based studio claim that Embracer has evaluated the developer, and that employees have been informed that the studio may be closed entirely, just two years after it reopened under the classic Free Radical name. The studio is currently working on a new TimeSplitter title under the direction of original founders David Doak and Steve Ellis.

  • It has not been confirmed that Free Radical is closing for good, as UK employment law requires employers to notify employees of any potential redundancies 30 days in advance to allow them to look for new work, which means the studio could remain open if Embracer finds a buyer. However, VGC states that at least 15 employees, including multiple artists, a lead designer, and IT manager, have already published LinkedIn posts looking for work.

  • Embracer Group's restructuring program began in June after a $2 billion partnership fell through, and has resulted in hundreds of layoffs across its many subsidiaries, including Cryptic Studios, and the closure of a number of studios, including Saints Row developer Volition. The parent company has also undergone significant change, with COO Egil Strunke announcing his departure earlier this week.

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