Xbox's Phil Spencer comments on its recent Bethesda studio closures

by Danny Craig  · 
Xbox's Phil Spencer comments on its recent Bethesda studio closures

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer addressed the company's decision to close a number of studios last month, stating that the "hard decisions" were necessary for Xbox's future.

The details:

  • Last month, it was announced that Tango Gameworks, Arkane Austin, Roundhouse Studios, and Alpha Dog would be closing, which shocked the community given Microsoft's previous positive comments about the studios and the rave reviews of Hi-Fi Rush. This sparked a wave of criticism directed at higher-ups from fans and fellow developers.

  • In an interview with IGN, Spencer briefly spoke about the closures, explaining that the company is currently ensuring those affected are supported. "The closure of any team is hard obviously on the individuals there, hard on the team," Spencer said. "I haven't been talking publicly about this, because right now is the time for us to focus on the team and the individuals. It's obviously a decision that's very hard on them, and I want to make sure through severance and other things that we're doing the right thing for the individuals on the team. It's not about my PR, it's not about Xbox PR. It's about those teams.”

  • The CEO went on to say that the cuts were required in order to keep Xbox a sustainable business in the future and were “hard decisions that frankly are not decisions I love, but decisions that somebody needs to go make.” This echoes a similar statement from Xbox president Sarah Bond, who stated that the decision was part of its commitment to ensuring “business is healthy for the long term."

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