Veteran PlayStation producer Connie Booth has left the company

by Danny Craig  · 
Veteran PlayStation producer Connie Booth has left the company

It has been confirmed that Connie Booth, Sony's head of internal production, has left the company after more than 30 years.

The details:

  • Sony confirmed Booth's departure from the company in a statement to Axios (via VGC), writing that she “helped drive the success PlayStation Studios is experiencing today and her passion in fostering an environment where a team’s creative vision could fully flourish has left a positive impact on many game developers”. It’s unknown where Booth is headed next.

  • Booth has worked on over 100 titles for PlayStation since the PS1's early days, including Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, The Last of Us, and Marvel's Spider-Man. Booth's work eventually led to her induction into the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science's Hall of Fame for producing many high-profile Sony releases.

  • David Jaffe, the creator of God of War and Twisted Metal and a former Sony employee, has responded to the news, claiming that he was told by inside sources that Booth was fired, which resulted in her team walking out of the company's offices. Booth has not yet revealed whether she chose to leave Sony, but Jaffe claims that she has been replaced by Guerrilla's Angie Smets.

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