How to unlock the new character and challenge stage in Vampire Survivors’ ‘Tiny’ update

by Danny Craig  · 
How to unlock the new character and challenge stage in Vampire Survivors’ ‘Tiny’ update
Vampire Survivors

Version 1.1.0 of the hit indie game has arrived. Here’s how you can unlock the patch’s new content.

The update

  • After exiting Early Access in October 2022, Vampire Survivors has received its first official patch. Included within are a brand new stage, power-up, character, achievements, and quality-of-life improvements.
  • The quality-of-life changes bring in updates to the pause menu, faster loading times, and various bug fixes.

How to unlock the new regular and hyper stage: Tiny Bridge

  • Tiny Bridge is the brand new challenge stage added to Vampire Survivors, and is set during a battle between two warring sides.
  • To unlock Tiny Bridge, a player must reach level 80 using any character in Inverse Gallo Tower. Once done, you’ll gain access to both the regular and hyper versions of the stage.

How to unlock the new character: Scorej-Oni

  • The Japanese god-inspired secret character, Scorej-Oni, is unlocked following its defeat as a mini-boss on the new Tiny Bridge stage.
  • Once you arrive in the stage, you will need to make a pretty long journey to the fight. Using Queen Sigma for her +50 movement stat, along with max-level wings for an extra 50% speed boost, should get you there in approximately five minutes in regular mode.
  • You’ll then be tasked with defeating Scorej-Oni. The boss is rather slow and doesn’t appear to kill in one shot, so you should be able to stay out of his damage range fairly easily. After his defeat, you’ll be awarded the ability to purchase him as a playable character from the game’s menu.

How to unlock the Seal ability

  • The new power-up, Seal, is earned after banishing a total of ten or more items in any given run.
  • The Seal ability allows players to banish an item from level-up choices or light source pick-ups before a stage begins. Once an item is banished, it's one less random choice for you to deal with, making it easier to plan for potential builds during a run. The ability has ten ranks, meaning it can ban up to ten items.
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