Unannounced Bungie game potentially running on Destiny’s engine

by Danny Craig  ·  Updated 
Unannounced Bungie game potentially running on Destiny’s engine

A new job listing from Bungie has appeared, containing responsibilities surrounding its in-house Tiger Engine which has powered both Destiny games.

The details:

  • The Game Post has reported that a listing for the role of Lead Gameplay Engineer has been added to Bungie’s careers site to work on its unannounced third-person action title.
  • The original job description contained responsibilities including building and maintaining "networked gameplay systems, workflows, and tools in Bungie’s Tiger Engine." All references to the Tiger Engine were later removed, with the project now being referred to simply as an "incubation project." The listing is still active as of the time of writing.
  • Bungie’s Tiger Engine has been used for both instalments of the Destiny franchise and has received updates in the last few years to support new features in Destiny 2’s expansions. Older Destiny 2 content has needed to be sun-setted in the past due to technical limitations; however, the engine updates mean this is no longer necessary.
  • It’s not all good news with the engine, though, as it has been responsible for issues with altering pre-existing content over the years as well as causing many technical issues such as lag, server conflicts, and a lack of in-game tools found in similar games.

What else is Bungie working on?

  • Bungie is reportedly working on a new game called "Matter", which will be a multiplayer action game with RPG elements, according to job listings. The game is also expected to have a more upbeat and light-hearted tone than Bungie's existing franchises: Halo and Destiny. We don't have much more information on the project, but we may have seen some concept art at the end of a recruitment video in early 2022. This has not been confirmed, but the bright colors on show would fit the more light-hearted style.
  • As expected, Bungie will continue to create new content for Destiny 2 with recent internship listings including a researcher and gameplay engineer. Bungie also went on record back in 2020 to confirm that there will likely be no Destiny 3 in the future, with Destiny 2 continuing as a live service title.
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