Ubisoft reportedly targeting established leakers with lawsuits

by Danny Craig  · 
Ubisoft reportedly targeting established leakers with lawsuits

Following years of leaks, it appears that publisher Ubisoft is now taking legal action against well-known leakers, with accounts and Discord servers disappearing recently.

The details:

  • People have noticed that the Twitter account @ScriptLeaksR6 no longer exists as of April 8, 2023, as does their Discord server. The account was responsible for several notable leaks, including sharing in-game screenshots of the upcoming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and reporting last month that Far Cry 7 had not yet begun development. The most recent leak from the account was the Ubisoft+ release window for Xbox, along with the claim that the service would launch with 63 titles, which is now confirmed by Ubisoft to be 65. According to @Kiri2154 on Twitter, ScriptLeaksR6 stated that they would no longer share leaked information before deleting the Discord server.
  • According to Reddit user Alexxondre, another Rainbow Six Siege leaker named Dumbhael was hit with a lawsuit a few weeks ago, resulting in the deletion of all of their active social media accounts, including their Discord server and Telegram channel. Dumbhael was suspended from Twitter earlier this year, presumably for leaking insider information about future Rainbow Six Siege updates, which resulted in many of their posts being removed due to DMCA complaints.
  • Due to the crackdown, we can expect to see far less information about Ubisoft's upcoming and unannounced releases in the future, as most don't want to be in the same situation as the aforementioned individuals. However, leaker xj0nathan released a short, very low-quality video of what appears to be footage from Assassin's Creed: Mirage yesterday, indicating that some aren't planning on slowing down anytime soon.

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