Top sectors for entry-level gaming jobs revealed

by Adam Fitch  · 
Top sectors for entry-level gaming jobs revealed

Hitmarker, the leading platform for gaming jobs, has revealed the top sectors for entry-level positions in 2022 so far.

The source: There's no platform that's more comprehensive.

  • Gaming jobs are Hitmarker's bread and butter, with hundreds of opportunities hitting the platform on a daily basis.
  • Alongside the new version of the website being rolled out, we've overhauled the tag system so you can drill down into the exact area you're looking to work in.
  • In line with these new-and-improved tags, it's interesting to see which sectors within gaming are producing the most opportunities for those looking to get in at the ground level.

The findings: Data has been taken from January 1 to July 21.

  • As per the above image, Quality Assurance is by and far the most accommodating gaming sector when it comes to bringing in new people with 143 entry-level opportunities. Hiring companies include 2K, EA, and SEGA.
  • More expected sectors like Marketing and Game Development are within the top five in 2022 so far, with 83 and 63 entry-level jobs respectively.
  • Outside of the top five sectors, there have been 48 entry-level jobs in Editorial and 46 in Social Media. Product Design, Level Design, Narrative Design, and Education are among the sectors with the fewest opportunities.
  • While esports isn't technically a sector on the Hitmarker platform, it accounted for 109 of the entry-level jobs during the given period!
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