Saints Row developer Volition has shut down

by Danny Craig  · 
Saints Row developer Volition has shut down
Embracer Group

Volition, the studio behind the Saints Row and Red Faction franchises, has announced its immediate closure as part of Embracer Group's restructuring.

The details:

  • The developer announced the closure on its official website, stating that it would be "effective immediately." Some of its former employees have also revealed that they were completely fired from the company, implying that the majority of its employees will not be relocated to other Embracer Group studios.
  • After a $2 billion partnership fell through, Embracer confirmed in June that it would cancel unannounced projects and close a number of studios, focusing on "cost savings, capital allocation, efficiency, and consolidation." Volition was in a bad spot prior to this announcement, having just released the poorly received Saints Row reboot, which resulted in the studio being acquired by Gearbox.
  • Despite some difficult years over the last decade, some of Volition's titles have retained devoted fanbases, with the original first few Saints Row games and the Red Faction series being praised for their distinct stories, settings, and gameplay. It's unclear what will happen to these IPs or whether another developer will attempt to resurrect them in the future.

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