This iOS App Allows Placement of Digital Models in the Real World

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This iOS App Allows Placement of Digital Models in the Real World

Simulon, an innovative iOS app that is currently in invite-only mode, has shared a captivating video demonstration of the app's capabilities, showcasing its remarkable features. Shot using an iPhone, the demonstration video exhibits a live in-camera preview coupled with auto-exposure matching. Simulon is an in-camera VFX tool that allows users to place digital objects in the real world and render them with accurate lighting, shadows and reflections.

What sets Simulon apart is its ability to achieve photorealistic VFX representations without the need for camera solving, HDRI capture, or manual compositing setups. In the video, a stunning depiction of a robot seated in a chair within a real-world environment highlights the app's potential to seamlessly integrate virtual elements into the physical world.

Simulon stands as a next-generation VFX tool specifically designed for creators and content producers. While the app is currently in its Beta stage, it has already garnered significant attention, having secured an impressive $1.3 million in funding, as reported by Crunchbase. The visionary behind Simulon is Divesh Naidoo. Naidoo has been actively sharing insights into the app's groundbreaking workflow for achieving photorealistic VFX video production.

The technology demonstrated in Simulon's video opens up exciting possibilities for various industries. Particularly, the app's potential to blend photorealistic virtual elements seamlessly into real environments holds promise for fields such as virtual reality applications and virtual production. As it continues to develop and refine its features through its Beta phase, Simulon has the potential to become a game-changer, offering creators a streamlined and efficient solution for achieving stunning visual effects in their projects.

Follow developments here and sign up for the Beta here.

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