The UK games industry planning to restrict loot boxes

by Danny Craig  · 
The UK games industry planning to restrict loot boxes
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Following the lead of other European countries, the UK is now planning on putting in place guidelines that allow parental controls to prevent children from purchasing and engaging in loot box systems in video games.

The details:

  • The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (Ukie) has released a new set of 11 guidelines to address the government's concerns about the systems, proposing that developers limit the purchase of loot boxes for minors and make the contents and probabilities of a loot box known and easily accessible before its opening. Games must also include a warning before purchase to inform buyers of the inclusion of the feature.
  • The guidelines are being recommended by the Technical Working Group, which consists of representatives from all areas of the gaming industry who have collaborated with the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport, academics, consumer organizations, and advocacy groups, with the overall goal of protecting players from being exploited, particularly in games such as EA Sports FC (formally FIFA).
  • Ukie intends to promote the use of controls to players, parents, carers, and guardians beginning this month through a public information campaign that will share information about not only loot boxes but also what parental control systems can be used to ensure a child's safety online and how to prevent them from being easily circumvented.

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