The PlayStation 5 has sold 38.4 million units since its launch

by Danny Craig  · 
The PlayStation 5 has sold 38.4 million units since its launch

Sony has confirmed that a total of 38.4 million units of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) have been sold worldwide since its release in November 2020.

The details:

  • According to Sony's recent Q4 financial report, 6.3 million PS5 consoles were shipped during the last quarter ending on March 31, a 4.3 million increase over the same period last fiscal year. The number of consoles sold exceeded the company's initial projection of 5.2 million, as well as its revised 6.2 million. This was to be expected now that Sony can supply fans with consoles after shortages plagued the first two years of its lifecycle, with sales in Europe tripling at the start of the year.
  • Sony's highest Q4 earnings in company history were aided by the success of the console, with growth in software and service sales also contributing to a total of $27B from its gaming division in the fiscal year. The number of paying PlayStation Plus subscribers has also matched that of Q4 2022, with a total of 47.4 million, even though the number of active PlayStation Network users has increased by two million, from 106 million to 108 million in comparison to last year.
  • Despite the success of the PS5 this quarter, combined sales of PS4 and PS5 software are down by 2.5 million, with 68 million units sold during the three months. It's worth noting, however, that the only new first-party title released between January and March is Horizon: Call of the Mountain, which is a PS VR2 exclusive, and that the VR platform has been reported to be struggling in terms of sales since its February release. Also, some players may be gradually shifting away from purchasing titles for the last-gen console, which will turn a decade old later this year.

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