Guerrilla Games could have big plans for the Decima Engine

by Danny Craig  · 
Guerrilla Games could have big plans for the Decima Engine

Guerrilla Games, the Sony-owned studio behind the Horizon series, appears to be planning to offer the Decima Engine to more studios both within and outside of the PlayStation Studios umbrella.

The details:

  • Guerrilla announced on April 24 that Michiel van der Leeuw, former co-studio director, had stepped down to become a technical director at the developer. According to the post, Leeuw will now be "focusing on the future technology and strategy for the Decima Engine," implying that the engine will be used more in the future, possibly outside of Guerrilla. Some speculate that Sony will either push its first-party studios to use the engine, reducing licensing fees, or that it will begin offering the engine to third-party studios in the same way Epic Games' Unreal Engine has.
  • Guerrilla chose to keep working on the engine for the Horizon franchise after it was first used in Killzone Shadow Fall in 2013. So far, the engine has been used by a few third-party studios, including Kojima Productions, which used it to create Death Stranding and its sequel, as well as Supermassive Games for Until Dawn. According to an alleged leak in 2022, independent studio Ballistic Moon is also reportedly developing a game with the engine, though job listings indicate that it may instead be using Unreal Engine 5.
  • Decima has been praised for its graphical potential since its inception, with the Horizon franchise being regarded as having some of the best visuals on the market, with many comparing its in-game, playable visuals to pre-rendered CGI cutscenes. Guerrilla's ability to create visually stunning titles predates Decima, with Killzone 2 using the Havok engine in 2009 to produce groundbreaking graphics for the first-person shooter genre on the PlayStation 3.

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