The Last of Us 2 Remastered's "lost levels" have been revealed

by Danny Craig  · 
The Last of Us 2 Remastered's "lost levels" have been revealed
Naughty Dog

The upcoming remaster of The Last of Us: Part II will include a number of "lost levels" cut from the original game, and fans now have more information on what to expect.

The details:

  • More information about the restoration of the cut levels can be found on the game's new store page, revealing that a total of three levels are being added, titled Sewers, Jackson Party, and Boar Hunt and that players will also be able to enable developer commentary for their playthroughs.

  • It's unclear what each level will contain, but fans have already started making educated guesses. Reddit user GloomynGone guesses from some trailer screenshots that “Boar Hunt” will be “the boar hunting scene discussed in [Ellie’s] journal, where she corners a wounded boar in the general store,” and that Jackson Party will likely involve Ellie “walking through the town before dancing with Dina, potentially meeting Cat, and drinking.”

  • The PS5 remaster will also include a new roguelike mode called "No Return," which will challenge players to survive waves of enemies while progressing through a series of combat and stealth encounters to gain rewards and new unlockable characters.

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