Tencent is working on Final Fantasy XIV mobile, report claims

by Danny Craig  · 
Tencent is working on Final Fantasy XIV mobile, report claims
Square Enix

Tencent is reportedly collaborating with Square Enix to bring the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV to mobile devices as part of an ongoing partnership.

The details:

  • According to Exputer, sources claim that the mobile port is a joint project between the two companies following the formation of a "strategic alliance" in 2018. Although Square Enix's then-president, Yosuke Matsuda, stated in 2021 that multiple projects were in the works, they have yet to be officially announced.

  • Tencent canceled an unannounced Nier mobile title earlier this year, citing a lack of a "compelling monetization model." It was also claimed that the publisher refused to pay Square Enix more than a 10% royalty fee for using the Nier IP. If plans for an FFXIV port go ahead, Tencent will most likely be required to pay royalties ranging from 15 to 20%, which is standard for mobile games based on existing IPs.

  • FFXIV has been one of Square Enix's most successful titles since its 2.0 release in 2013 under Naoki Yoshida, following a poorly received launch three years earlier. The MMO was brought to Xbox Series X/S in March 2024, just before the release of its Dawntrail expansion, making it available on most major platforms.

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