Switch becomes third best-selling console of all time

by Danny Craig  · 
Switch becomes third best-selling console of all time

The Nintendo Switch has now surpassed the Game Boy and Game Boy Color and the PlayStation 4, making it the third-best-selling video console in history.

The details:

  • Less than six years after its release, Nintendo has revealed that its Switch line of consoles has officially sold 122.55 million units, now placing it between the companyโ€™s 90s handheld, the Game Boy, and the Game Boyโ€™s successor, the DS, at 2nd. In comparison, the Wii U sold only 13.56 million units, and its 103.54 million software sales were also surpassed by the Switch's hardware figures.
  • The Switch was announced in 2016 with a March release date as a hybrid between a portable and home console, a concept that had not been executed well at the time. Its distinct functionality, the lower price point in comparison to competitors, and a library of games featuring iconic franchises such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., and Pokemon all contributed to the console's massive success.
  • Despite generating less total revenue than Sony's PS5, the Switch topped the charts for unit sales in the United States in 2022. Notably, the Switch's base console cost $299.99, the portable-only Lite cost $199.99, and the newer OLED model cost $349.99, making the system far more accessible in the face of global shortages and the current economic climate.

In other notable Nintendo news: