Street Fighter 6 reaches over 65,000 concurrent players at launch

by Danny Craig  · 
Street Fighter 6 reaches over 65,000 concurrent players at launch

The fighting game appears to have been a massive success for Capcom, peaking at 65,873 concurrent players on June 2 on Steam alone.

The details:

  • Street Fighter 6 appears to have had a successful launch after months of anticipation from fans of the series, with 65,873 players on Steam at 5 a.m. UTC. Since then, the player count has remained high, with over 61,000 people online at the time of writing. Its predecessor, Street Fighter V, did not have a strong launch, with PC players experiencing issues with controller support and poor online performance, resulting in an all-time peak of only 14,783 players.
  • Rival titles, Mortal Kombat 11 and Tekken 7, were also surpassed in terms of player count, with peaks of only 35,147 and 18,966 players, respectively. It's worth noting, however, that these games are years old, and Street Fighter 6's record could be broken in September with the release of Mortal Kombat 1.
  • So far, Street Fighter 6 has been a hit with fans and critics alike, with classic modes like online and arcade play as well as a new mode called World Tour, which allows players to create their own character and roam the streets of Metro City, completing missions in single-player. The amount of content included in the game has received praise, which was one of the most common criticisms of Street Fighter V, which had a strong focus on its underwhelming multiplayer mode.
  • It's worth noting that a significant number of negative Steam reviews appear to be related to Capcom's decision to include Denuvo anti-tamper software in the release, with some reporting stuttering during gameplay. Other players, on the other hand, have stated that they have not encountered any issues with similar hardware, so it appears that it varies from system to system.

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