Capcom has added Denuvo Anti-Tamper to Street Fighter 6

by Danny Craig  · 
Capcom has added Denuvo Anti-Tamper to Street Fighter 6

Capcom has quietly added the controversial DRM software to its upcoming release of Street Fighter 6 (SF6) on Steam just days before its official launch.

The details:

  • Fans noticed that the game's Steam page was updated on May 30, three days before its release, to mention that the game will include Denuvo Anti-Tamper, which is designed to combat piracy through startup checks. This is not to be confused with Denuvo Anti-Cheat, which is a more uncommon software used in other games, such as Doom Eternal's release version.
  • Denuvo is notorious for causing significant performance problems in some games, as well as graphical bugs and stutters that make a game "unplayable." This is concerning for many fighting game fans as the genre relies on precise inputs to hit and block opponents with specific moves and blocks.
  • Many players have pointed out that Capcom has a history of including Denuvo in its games, so no one should be surprised; however, others have expressed their displeasure with the move, claiming that the game's benchmark tool may now be inaccurate since it appears to ignore the software.
  • Following Devil May Cry 5, Capcom removed Denuvo from Resident Evil Village in April. It's assumed that this was due to the publisher no longer paying the software's allegedly hefty licensing fee. Resident Evil Village was one of many examples of Denuvo causing problems, as it caused heavy stuttering, particularly when a player entered combat, before fixes that addressed some of the issues were released at a later date.

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