Starfield will be released on a physical disc despite previous claims

by Danny Craig  · 
Starfield will be released on a physical disc despite previous claims

Bethesda previously stated that physical editions of Starfield would not include a disc and would instead include a download code for the game's digital version; however, this was incorrect.

The details:

  • On June 25, Bethesda's official support account responded to a fan's question about whether the console version would be available on disc, stating that there are "no physical discs," with "all" physical editions instead including a code to download the game from the console's online storefront. The tweet has since been deleted, so this appears to be false.
  • Bethesda's Spanish account, on the other hand, appears to have correctly described the edition's contents, with all physical versions containing a disc, with the Constellation Edition being the exception, with a code engraved on a replica of a Credit Stick instead.
  • If Bethesda does go disc-less, it will not be the first company to do so, with Paradox Interactive's Alan Wake II and Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise being released as digital-only titles for the PlayStation 4 and 5. The decision to move to digital-only distribution was made to reduce costs by eliminating manufacturing costs, with Paradox also stating that a physical copy of Alan Wake II would most likely still require a digital download due to size limitations.

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