Starfield will have the “fewest” bugs of any Bethesda game according to Xbox

by Danny Craig  · 
Starfield will have the “fewest” bugs of any Bethesda game according to Xbox

Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty has claimed that Bethesda’s latest title, Starfield, will have the fewest bugs of any game released by the studio up until this point.

The details:

  • Speaking with Giant Bomb, Booty said the developer has "an awful lot of people internally playing Starfield, working with Todd and the team," and he can "see bug counts, and just by the numbers, if it shipped today, Starfield would already have the fewest bugs of any Bethesda game ever shipped." Many people are surprised given that the title is said to contain over a thousand planets and new systems.
  • Although this may not appear to be a big deal, any fan of Bethesda games is likely aware of the company's reputation for releasing titles in a bug-ridden state, with crashes, visual issues, and game-breaking glitches all being common. Skyrim for the PlayStation 3 is an example of this, with some players unable to enter the water without the game crashing due to save file issues. While Bethesda typically releases a few patches for its games, it is frequently left to the community to create its own "unofficial" patch, with fans already preparing to create the "Starfield Community Patch" following the game's September 6 release.
  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer also revealed that before Microsoft acquired Bethesda, Starfield was supposed to be released much sooner than it is now, but it was delayed several times. "The team has definitely matured," Spencer said. "They’ve got Fallouts and Skyrims and Elder Scrolls under their belt. When the acquisition closed, this game had a significantly earlier ship date, earlier than the date we had first set for Starfield. We sat down with Todd and the team and explained we wanted to give them the time.”

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