Sandtrix: Falling blocks that turn to sand

by Rachel Lyon  ·  Updated 
Sandtrix: Falling blocks that turn to sand

Sandtrix, a Tetris-inspired arcade game is taking the internet by (sand)storm! Created by an indie developer, mslivo, the block-placing game is the second title on their page, following Itera Mall, a 2D mall management simulator.

What makes Sandtrix so unique from the popular arcade game is that all of the pieces are made out of sand! A piece will start in the classic Tetris shapes, but once they touch an already placed block it will dissolve into sand, with crumbling physics it will fill up the space around it exactly as sand would.

Another twist on the classic is that for a 'line' to clear, it must be wall to wall of the same sand colour, not just filling a space. This mechanic makes it much harder than the traditional game, but it is definitely equally as satisfying. The game does include 5x5 difficulty settings to provide an adequate challenge for all the Tetris geniuses out there.


With simple controls, using only the arrow keys and the A key, Sandtrix is very easy to pick up, and with you being able to download it for free here, we're eager to see what scores you rack up!

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