Sega announces new 3D Sonic platformer for Apple Arcade

by Danny Craig  · 
Sega announces new 3D Sonic platformer for Apple Arcade

Sega and Apple have announced that Sonic Dream Team, a new Apple Arcade exclusive platformer, will be released next month.

The details:

  • In Sonic Dream Team, players will take control of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, or Cream as they try to prevent franchise antagonist Eggman from using an ancient device known as the Reverie to take over the world in an entirely new story.

  • Whereas previous Sonic mobile titles were either ports of classic titles or endless runners, Dream Team will feature fully fledged 3D platforming that involves jumping around, collecting rings, using unique character-specific abilities, and dashing across the colorful levels. There will also be "wall-running, gravity changes, and more" in the game.

  • The game will be available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV devices on December 5 as part of Apple Arcade, a subscription service that allows players to access over 200 titles for $4.99 per month with no ads or microtransactions. Games can also be played with a variety of controllers, including those used on Xbox, PlayStation, and even the Nintendo Switch.

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