Rumored Final Fantasy Tactics remaster is reportedly "real and happening"

by Danny Craig  · 
Rumored Final Fantasy Tactics remaster is reportedly "real and happening"
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After years of speculation about a possible remaster of the PS1 classic Final Fantasy Tactics, Bloomberg's Jason Schreier claimed that the game is still "real and happening."

The details:

  • In a thread on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit about Atlus leaker Midori sharing a fake update about Visions of Mana, users began questioning the legitimacy of their other leaks, including last week's claim that a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster was in the works. “We finally got a Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster mention from a high-tier leaker, and then a week later there is a chance the leaker is not as credible,” u/BuyMyBeans wrote. “The torture never ends.”

  • In response to the comment, Schreier stated that, despite Midori's recent error, the Tactics remaster is "real and happening." When asked why rumors about the title had been circulating for years without an official announcement, he simply stated that Creative Studio 3, led by FFXIV and FFXVI director Naoki Yoshida, "has been busy."

  • Yoshida recently revealed that the team was working on two projects that could be announced soon, but no further details about the games were shared. Given that the Tactics remaster is in development at the studio, this could be one of two titles, with the other being the rumored FFIX remake, which appeared again in a recent Epic Games Store database leak.

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