Final Fantasy XIV and XVI developer could announce its two new projects "soon"

by Danny Craig  · 
Final Fantasy XIV and XVI developer could announce its two new projects "soon"
Square Enix

Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi P), the head of Square Enix's Creative Studio 3 division, has stated that two upcoming games may be announced in the near future.

The details:

  • In an interview with (translated by Moz La Punk), Yoshida discussed Square Enix's recent layoffs, confirming that Creative Studio 3 has not been harmed by the situation. “I haven’t had to fire people, and the current team hasn’t been altered. We’re even hiring new folks,” he said. “The company has high expectations for our division.” Yoshida continued. “It’s one of the pillars of Square Enix. There is no chance they’ll make cuts or invest less in us. We’ll keep working just as hard on [Final Fantasy XIV], so players don’t have to worry.”
  • The director explained that due to the team's structure, it cannot work on many games at once, but that it does currently have two titles in development that will be revealed "soon." "We're also working on some games that haven't been announced yet... Soon there may be some announcements about two new games that we are working on,” said Yoshida (via @Genki_JPN on X).
  • Dawntrail, FFXIV's fifth expansion, is set to launch on July 2 and has already made numerous references to FFIX in its marketing, including a pre-order bonus featuring protagonist Zidane. It was previously reported that Square was working on an FFIX remake, so it's possible that Yoshida's division is in charge of the rumored project.

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