Rockstar is aiming for “nothing short of perfection” with GTA 6

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Rockstar is aiming for “nothing short of perfection” with GTA 6
Take-Two Interactive

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, has commented on the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6), revealing that the developer is aiming for perfection with the title.

The details:

  • On the most recent episode of The Aarthi and Sriram Show, Zelnick briefly mentioned GTA 6 while discussing the difficulties of creating and releasing sequels. One of the common issues that Rockstar faces when developing sequels to the GTA franchise, according to the CEO, is that "it needs to be something you've never seen before on the one hand, and it needs to reflect the feeling that we have about Grand Theft Auto. That's a big challenge for the team.”
  • Zelnick also revealed that the studio is aiming for "nothing short of perfection" with the game, which is not surprising given the overwhelming praise that the now decade-old GTA V has received over the years, as well as Red Dead Redemption 2's similar fan response. GTA V is also the second-best-selling video game of all time, trailing only Minecraft, so both Rockstar and Take-Two are pushing to outperform the predecessor, which is certainly possible given the hype surrounding the title.
  • The GTA 6 discussion ended there, so we still don't know much about the game's content or release date, but rumors of it arriving within the next fiscal year have been circulating following the release of Take-Two's recent financial report. The publisher anticipates $8 billion in net bookings by March 2025, a significant increase from the $5.3 billion recorded in the previous fiscal year, implying that a launch as large as GTA 6 may be on the way.

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