Rockstar Games bolstering security with new role following GTA 6 leak

by Adam Fitch  · 
Rockstar Games bolstering security with new role following GTA 6 leak

Rockstar Games has opened a new position as it seeks assistance with its security following a severe GTA 6 leak.

The role: It appears to be in response to the recent leak relating to its upcoming GTA installment.

  • The GTA publisher has listed a new position for someone that is committed to defending its games from "cheaters, hackers, exploiters, and any and all troublemakers."
  • The role was posted on Hitmarker on September 23 and is for an Investigation Analyst that will support the day-to-day operations of the company's security.
  • Responsibilities include monitoring potential threats, assisting in investigations, preparing reports on investigations and intelligence analysis, and responding to "emergency situations and security incidents."

The leak: This new role is a timely addition to the opportunities at Rockstar given its recent breach.

  • The City of London Police arrested a 17-year-old in Oxfordshire on September 22 in connection to the hacking of Rockstar.
  • Dozens of videos and screenshots from GTA 6 were leaked just a few days prior. Elements of the leaked materials lined up with rumors and reports of the game's features β€” including its location and one of its protagonists β€” seemingly confirming that they were legitimate.
  • Rockstar soon acknowledged the leak of the development materials and issued a statement stating it was the victim of a "network intrusion" where an "unauthorized third party illegally accessed and downloaded" information from its systems.
  • The developer confirmed that its work on the next GTA title will continue as planned and it will only deliver the game when it's ready, regardless of the breach.