Roblox is planning to hold job interviews in-game

by Danny Craig  · 
Roblox is planning to hold job interviews in-game

Roblox has announced that it plans on interviewing job candidates within a new experience that will allow them to “learn about Roblox on Roblox.”

The details:

  • Roblox's vice president of talent acquisition, Jason Buss, announced in a new blog post that the company has now launched the "Roblox Career Center" experience, which allows candidates to "understand what they may be working on" by directly playing the game.
  • The space is partially aimed at those in their early careers who may have used Roblox as a child, allowing them to learn more about the company in a digital environment with which they are already familiar. The experience was designed with new players in mind, so it's "easy and straightforward" to navigate for those entering the platform for the first time.
  • Within the experience, players can find the "Innovation Lab," where they can listen to stories from Roblox employees and explore the company's "innovative product roadmap." Another room, the "Podcast Lounge," contains clips from the company's Tech Talks podcasts, and a library is also available to help players prepare for interviews.
  • Buss also mentioned that the company will "soon" start "inviting candidates to conduct certain initial interviews directly within the experience." He went on to say that the limitations of in-person recruiting prompted the team to try "eliminating geographic constraints from the recruiting process" while also creating a more interactive experience than webpages or even video calls.

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