Tekken 8 will not use Denuvo anti-piracy software according to director

by Danny Craig  · 
Tekken 8 will not use Denuvo anti-piracy software according to director
Bandai Namco

Katsuhiro Harada, director of Tekken 8, has announced that the title will not make use of the controversial Denuvo DRM software after fan concerns.

The details:

  • On Twitter, a fan posted a now-deleted tweet stating that the current end-user license agreement (EULA) for Tekken 8 mentions Denuvo as third-party software. Harada responded, albeit rather aggressively, to the tweet, claiming that the EULA is "probably simply a copy/paste of Tekken 7 or something" and that he has "no plans to introduce Denuvo or anything else" into the upcoming fighting game.
  • Denuvo is well-known in the industry for causing performance issues in games, such as stuttering, lower frame rates, and even graphical glitches. This is especially concerning for fighting game fans given that the genre heavily relies on precise timing to execute attacks and blocks against opponents, and Denuvo could lead to inconsistent gameplay.
  • It's unclear whether Tekken 8 will include DRM in any form, as it's likely that not just the director has the final say on its inclusion, and it appears even he isn't entirely sure about the current state of its EULA. We could also see a situation similar to Street Fighter 6, which was updated a day before release to include Denuvo, which some saw as Capcom attempting to sneak it in without fans noticing.

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