Resident Evil 4 Remake surpasses five million units sold

by Danny Craig  · 
Resident Evil 4 Remake surpasses five million units sold

Capcom has announced that the remake of Resident Evil 4 has officially sold over five million units worldwide.

The details:

  • The publisher announced the news in a press release, confirming that the remake of the original 2005 title has sold five million copies on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC since its March 2023 release. Capcom attributed the increase in sales to the game's "highly positive reception from customers" as well as the release of the free Mercenaries expansion.
  • Capcom anticipates an increase in sales following the release of its upcoming VR mode for the PlayStation VR 2. The mode has yet to receive a definite release date; however, a gameplay trailer was uploaded back in May, and it appears to completely transform the way the game feels as it transitions from a third-person to a first-person perspective.
  • A day after its release, the game had the highest concurrent player count in the franchise's history on Steam, peaking at 168,191 players, and received widespread acclaim, with most fans stating that it was a vast improvement over the original in both visual and audio presentation, as well as accessibility.

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