Remedy's co-op Control project has now entered full production

by Danny Craig  · 
Remedy's co-op Control project has now entered full production
Remedy Entertainment

Max Payne developer Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that Codename Condor, its multiplayer title set in the Control universe, has now entered its final stages of development.

The details:

  • The company provided an update on Condor in a new report after it was in the "production readiness" stage last month, with its development team focusing on gameplay and combat. According to Remedy, feedback from internal playtests indicates that the "core loop is engaging, and the game brings a unique Remedy angle to the [co-op] genre."

  • Condor is a co-op title built using the studio's in-house Northlight engine, and it has been confirmed that it will not be free-to-play, but rather a "service-based fixed price" game. This pricing structure offers a lower entry price than premium titles, but relies on DLC and additional post-launch content to generate revenue. It is set to release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, and we may see a reveal soon.

  • Remedy also provided updates on its other projects in the report, with Control 2 still in proof-of-concept before moving to a "production readiness stage" in Q2 2024, and the Max Payne 1 and 2 remakes expected to go into full production around the same time.

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