Reimagining The Last Of Us Part 1 as a FPS

by Rachel Lyon  · 
Reimagining The Last Of Us Part 1 as a FPS

The Last of Us Part 1 is a critically acclaimed game that has garnered praise for its story, characters, and gameplay. However, one fan has decided to take the game in a new direction by creating a mod that reimagines the game as a first-person shooter.

The mod in question is being developed by a fan known as "Voyagers Revenge" who has gained popularity in the gaming community for his work on the PS Vita jailbreak. His mod is still in development, with the help of tools provided by Flawless Widescreen, JediJosh920 and TheMagicalBlob, but a video released on his YouTube channel gives us a glimpse of what we can expect.

The mod essentially allows players to take control of Joel and experience the game from his perspective. The gameplay has also been tweaked to better suit the first-person perspective, with new mechanics such as iron sights and a dynamic cover system.

The mod also includes new animations for Joel, such as reload animations that are more realistic and immersive. Voyagers Revenge has also teased that the mod will include new enemy types that are exclusive to the first-person perspective, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the game.

Of course, the mod isn't without drawbacks as Voyagers Revenge mentions in the video. The game wasn't designed to be played in first-person, so some gameplay mechanics may not work as smoothly from this perspective. Despite the potential issues, the mod offers a fresh take on the game that fans will surely appreciate as the inclusion of new mechanics offers a completely different experience.

The mod is an exciting prospect for fans of the game who are looking for a new way to experience a game that they already love. We look forward to seeing the finished product and experiencing the game through Joel's eyes.

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