PUBG owner Krafton acquires Neon Giant

by Adam Fitch  · 
PUBG owner Krafton acquires Neon Giant
Neon Giant

South Korean holding company Krafton has acquired Neon Giant, the developer of The Ascent.

The acquisition: It's growing its portfolio and roster of games at a decent speed.

  • The news came from Krafton's Q3 earnings release which was published on November 11.
  • As well as announcing the acquisition of Neon Giant, it revealed that it generated $328.5M in revenues with a net profit of $171.5M.
  • Elsewhere, the holding company is looking to launch a major studio in Canada that will be the main development hub for The Bird That Drinks Tears, its title that's based on a series of fantasy novels.

The company: It has a bunch of defunct subsidiaries.

  • Krafton was formed in November 2018 to serve as the parent company for Bluehole and other subsidiaries. It's best known for its hit title PUBG.
  • The Swedish studio it has acquired is working on an open-world FPS having released its cyberpunk action RPG The Ascent in July 2021.
  • Other companies in Krafton's portfolio include 5minlab, Bluehole Studio, Dreamotion, PUBG Studios, RisingWings, Striking Distance Studios, Thingsflow, and Unknown Worlds.
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