PlayStation will no longer remove Discovery TV shows users have paid for

by Danny Craig  · 
PlayStation will no longer remove Discovery TV shows users have paid for

Sony has announced that, following the signing of a new licensing agreement with Warner Bros., it will not remove Discovery TV shows from users' libraries.

The details:

  • Earlier this month, Sony announced that over 1,300 seasons of Discovery TV shows would be removed from the PlayStation Store by the end of 2023, rendering them inaccessible even to users who had paid for the content. Understandably, this sparked a significant backlash and reignited discussions about digital content ownership.

  • In a new statement (via, the company confirmed that this is no longer the case, as its "updated licensing agreement" with Warner Bros. will allow consumers to access the shows they've paid for "for at least the next 30 months." Sony also clarified that this was not a PlayStation-only situation and that other digital services have or likely will face similar licensing issues in the future.

  • Although the overall outcome is positive, it begs the question of whether moving to digital purchases from storefronts such as the PlayStation Store is a good idea, given that users are simply purchasing a license to view the media, which can be revoked at any time. As a result, more people than ever are advocating for ripping physical media or even pirating content for a "better" experience.

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