Footage from a playable test build of Wolverine is being shared online

by Danny Craig  · 
Footage from a playable test build of Wolverine is being shared online
Insomniac Games

Fans have discovered a playable development build of Insomniac Games' upcoming Wolverine title and have begun sharing gameplay footage on social media in the aftermath of the massive Insomniac Games hack.

The details:

  • Although the game is still years away from an official release on its intended platform, some players have obtained an early build said to be from 2020 to 2021 and are now showing it running on PC alongside debug code. The build is clearly far from finished, and only certain segments can be played, but its core mechanics and story are present.

  • It is highly recommended that those interested do not attempt to track down and download the build, as there have been reports of internet service providers sending DMCA notices to those who torrent the game. There is also the risk of malware, which is not surprising given the data was originally shared on the darknet.

  • The hack has been acknowledged as one of the largest in the industry's history, with over 1.6 TB of files belonging to the studio being publicly shared. Another small portion likely containing personal information was also sold to an anonymous buyer. The public leak included Sony and Marvel's X-Men exclusivity agreement, plans for future projects, and unreleased game assets and builds.

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