PlayStation gender discrimination lawsuit largely dismissed by judge

by Adam Fitch  ·  Updated 
PlayStation gender discrimination lawsuit largely dismissed by judge

A former employee of Sony's PlayStation has had most of her gender discrimination dismissed by a federal judge, but it's not necessarily over just yet.

The suit: Emma Major, a former IT Security Analyst at PlayStation. submitted 13 claims.

  • Majo's case includes claims of Equal Pay Act violations and wrongful termination following her highlighting "discrimination against females" within the company.
  • Sony acknowledged allegations surrounding misconduct in the workplace from eight current and former employees in March 2022. Claims include a failure to promote women, hostile interactions with Human Resources staff, and derogatory remarks.

The judgement: Despite significant dismissal, there's a chance that the suit will continue to develop.

  • U.S. magistrate judge Laurel Beeler has dismissed 10 of the 13 claims made by Majo, including those specifically about pay discrimination and harassment (via Axios).
  • "She does not describe her work or how her work was substantially equal to the work of any male allegedly paid more than she was paid," said Beeler, referencing a lack of specificity and factual evidence.
  • The former PlayStation employee is able to amend the remaining three claims, though she will need to provide more details to make a stronger case. It's been ruled that claims of wrongful termination and violation of whistleblower protections can progress.
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