PC and PS5 ports of PlayStation’s Dreams reportedly canceled

by Danny Craig  · 
PC and PS5 ports of PlayStation’s Dreams reportedly canceled
Media Molecule

It has been claimed that unannounced PC and PS5 ports of Media Molecule's game creator, Dreams, have been canceled, despite being nearly finished.

The details:

  • As reported by Wccftech, Lance McDonald, an insider and data miner, revealed the news during a recent livestream. According to McDonald, both the PC and PS5 versions of the PS4 game were canceled at the last minute following layoffs at the developer last year.

  • It is stated that the game's enhanced ports included ray-tracing support as well as full mouse and keyboard controls. It's also likely that the PC version would have supported user-created mods, allowing fans to build on the game's already robust toolkit to create new experiences.

  • Back in 2020, studio founder Alex Evans confirmed to Eurogamer that a PS5 version of the game existed months before the console's launch, but that it was still "exploring" and that there were "literally zero plans" for a new release. Media Molecule is currently working on new projects unrelated to Dreams.

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