OpTic and Envy to use Razer products for multiple years

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OpTic and Envy to use Razer products for multiple years

Envy Gaming, the parent company of several major esports team brands, has entered a deal with peripherals brand Razer.

The basics: The OpTic Gaming brand is seemingly no longer attached to long-term partner Turtle Beach.

  • The agreement has been signed for multiple years, though the exact length wasn't specified.
  • All players under Envy Gaming ownership will utilize headsets, keyboards, mice, mouse mats, and gaming chairs as part of the deal.
  • The partnership also includes a jersey placement across major teams and content creators, though more activations "across digital and physical properties" like Warzone tournaments, appearances at events, and sponsored streams are also to be expected.

A new powerhouse: Envy Gaming has one of the strongest portfolios in the esports industry.

  • The Envy brand houses competitors across Super Smash Bros., Magic: The Gathering, and Rocket League, as well as content creators such as the Botez sisters.
  • Envy Gaming merged with long-time competitor OpTic Gaming in November 2021, with the latter currently housing teams in Halo Infinite, VALORANT, and Warzone. OpTic also has a host of content creators and fan-favorite personalities.
  • Additionally, the company owns a Call of Duty League franchise in OpTic Texas and an Overwatch League franchise in Dallas Fuel — both of which were multi-million dollar investments into competitions organized by Activision Blizzard.

The landscape: Sponsorships are still a prominent aspect of esports organizations keeping themselves afloat.

  • OpTic Gaming appears to no longer be with partners such as gaming chair brand Mavix and peripherals brand Turtle Beach, considering these two sectors are now fulfilled by Razer.
  • Razer is a well-known peripherals manufacturer in competitive gaming, a feat mostly achieved by sponsoring major teams and tournaments. It currently has deals with the likes of MAD Lions, MOUZ, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Tribe Gaming.
  • According to a report from Newzoo, sponsorship revenue was estimated to account for 59% of total esports revenue generated in 2021 at $641M. Media rights deals were expected to be the second-largest revenue stream across the industry, reaching almost $200M.
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