Nvidia may have leaked that Counter-Strike’s move to Source 2 is coming soon

by Danny Craig  · 
Nvidia may have leaked that Counter-Strike’s move to Source 2 is coming soon

A new game profile for "Counter-strike 2" has appeared in the Nvidia control panel after a recent driver update.

The details:

  • On March 1, a new driver update for Nvidia’s hardware was released, and with it came an update to its control panel software. Reddit user u/DAOWAce spotted that the update has added a new profile for "Counter-Strike 2," which they initially believed to be some third-party title such as the free-to-play Counter-Strike Nexon but appears to be a "direct Valve engine port."
  • Counter-Strike fans have been waiting for a version of the game on Valve’s Source 2 engine for a while now, with rumors circulating that it could arrive any day now for quite a while. Unless Valve has begun to prepare for the updated version, it's highly unlikely that the profile would appear in an Nvidia update. Valve has recently launched an official @CSGO TikTok account, which could be related to an upcoming announcement and release.
  • This isn't the first time Nvidia has leaked information about an upcoming game. In 2021, the manufacturer's streaming service, GeForce Now, experienced a massive database leak, revealing a list of unannounced titles that later turned out to be real.

What else is happening at Valve?

  • In February, Valve announced that it had banned over 40,000 Dota 2 cheaters in a single wave after setting up a honeypot in a previous patch. The developer published a blog post to "make the example visible" and went on to say that it’s just the "latest action in an ongoing campaign."
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s popularity is at an all-time high, breaking its player count record on February 19 with 1.324 million players online at one time. The previous record was set just a week earlier, on February 11, at 1.32 million.
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