Valve is releasing a new and improved OLED Steam Deck

by Danny Craig  · 
Valve is releasing a new and improved OLED Steam Deck

Valve has announced that a new model of its popular handheld PC is on its way, complete with an OLED screen and a number of additional improvements.

The details:

  • The Steam Deck OLED has been revealed as the system's first revision following its release in February 2022. The upcoming model will be available on November 16 in a few configurations, including those with 512GB or 1TB storage drives, as well as a US and Canada-exclusive 1TB limited edition model with a transparent shell and red face buttons.

  • All OLED Steam Decks will feature a larger 90Hz 7.4′′ display versus the LCD's 60Hz 7" screen, HDR support, Wi-Fi 6E instead of 5, an improved 50Whr battery compared to the old 40Whr battery, and better thermal performance. However, there have been no upgrades to its other core components.

  • Valve is discontinuing the 64GB and 512GB versions of the LCD model with the release of the OLED, leaving the 256GB LCD system as the cheapest option at $399. The 64GB and 512GB systems have also been reduced in price to $349 and $449, respectively, making them viable options for those looking to purchase a Steam Deck for the first time if the OLED improvements aren't too important.

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