New 'Face Tools' Plugin Streamlines Character Creation for Artists

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New 'Face Tools' Plugin Streamlines Character Creation for Artists
Character Creator (CC)

Character Creator (CC), a comprehensive character creation solution, has unveiled a new plugin known as "ZBrush Face Tools." Michael Pavlovich, Director of Character Art at Certain Affinity, recently shared a video on Twitter showcasing the plugin's efficiency. Pavlovich expressed his enthusiasm, noting that the tool significantly streamlines character creation, reducing what used to take months to just a few hours.

Character Creator (CC) serves as a versatile platform for designers to generate, import, and customize character assets. This tool connects various industry-leading pipelines, offering a wide range of features, including character generation, animation rigging, asset management, rendering, and interactive design. It caters to the needs of professionals in fields like 3D animation, gaming, and film production.

The ZBrush Face Tools plugin simplifies character design by utilizing CC morphs for initial character approximation. Users can seamlessly transition between Character Creator and ZBrush for detailed sculpting and polypainting. This feature allows for sculpting, expression customization, and core expression morphs, offering impressive flexibility in character creation. The plugin's ability to generate high-fidelity textures and its compatibility with major 3D platforms make it a valuable addition to the toolkit of 3D artists, game developers, and animators.

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