Mortal Kombat 12 accidentally confirmed for a 2023 release

by Danny Craig  · 
Mortal Kombat 12 accidentally confirmed for a 2023 release
Warner Bros.

During a Warner Bros. Discovery earnings call, Mortal Kombat 12 was listed as one of the company’s upcoming games for 2023 before any official reveal had taken place.

The details:

  • In the company's Q4 2022 earnings call, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO and President David Zaslav appears to have confirmed that Mortal Kombat 12 is scheduled for a 2023 launch. Speaking about what’s to come in the next fiscal year, Zaslav said the "highly anticipated Mortal Kombat 12" is set to launch this year with "ambitious launch projections."
  • Mortal Kombat 12 has yet to be officially announced, and prior to the unintentional reveal, some fans thought a third Injustice game was on the way. Following the accidental announcement, creative director Ed Boon joked on Twitter, "So who has heard the news about Injustice 3?" On his Twitter account, Boon is known to troll fans with responses that make it unclear which title is truly on the way, but it seems like the company’s CEO may have put an early stop to that.
  • We have no information on when the game will be released outside of the 2023 window, but with the previous two titles releasing in April, we can expect it to arrive towards the end of the year, with an official reveal in the near future.

Other fighting game news:

  • Capcom is focusing on Street Fighter 6’s competitive scene ahead of launch, announcing that the game will be the exclusive title to be played in the Capcom Pro Tour. The tour itself will have a prize pool of $2 million USD, with $1 million being used for the first-place prize at the tour’s final event, Capcom Cup X.
  • It has been reported that the peak player count of one of Warner Bros.’ other fighting games, MultiVersus, has dropped by over 99% since its launch in July 2022. The Smash Bros.-esque fighter received significant attention upon release for its take on the multi-franchise fighting game genre, reaching a peak of 153,433 players just a day after launch. According to SteamDB, the peak player count over the past couple of weeks has since dropped below 1,000 players, with a 24-hour peak of 974 on February 24.
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