Modern Warfare 3 leaked screenshots show off new weapons and more

by Danny Craig  · 
Modern Warfare 3 leaked screenshots show off new weapons and more

A number of screenshots allegedly from an in-development build of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III have surfaced online, providing us with a look at the title's arsenal of weapons as well as more information on its systems.

The details:

  • Leakers shared a collage of cropped images showing the player changing classes in-game, showing not only a variety of base weapons but also what appears to be customizable clothing. Notable weapons include the iconic Uzi, the F2000, and what appears to be an ACR similar to the model seen in Modern Warfare 3 in 2011. The images also show an assortment of vests and gloves, and it has been reported that these serve as replacements for the traditional perk system, with different types of helmets, gloves, vests, and boots providing the equivalent to signature perks like flak jacket and sleight of hand.
  • The Taq-V, a rifle from Modern Warfare II, has also been revealed to be present in the same build of the game, implying that rumors of operators and weapons from the game carrying over may be true. This has not been confirmed, and it's possible that the gun's inclusion is merely a leftover from the game's use of the same engine and foundation as MWII.
  • Twitter leaker @BobNetworkUK also shared an image from the same build, showing a player in a test map holding a model of a CZ Bren assault rifle. In terms of UI, everything appears to be almost identical to MWII, with the player having equipped a Munitions Box field upgrade as well as earning UAV, Cruise Missile, and Overwatch Helo killstreaks. Two notable differences are the use of a light blue highlight rather than the green used in MWII, as well as what appears to be rotating killstreaks that allow players to gain more than three killstreaks per life, though this could simply be an unfinished UI element.
  • Bob also claims that dead silence will be reverted to a perk rather than a field upgrade and that a "classic" mini map will be included, displaying red dots when an enemy fires an unsilenced weapon. The game's modes will also include a version of the fan-favorite War game mode from COD: WWII, which saw attackers and defenders go head-to-head to prevent the attackers from completing a number of tasks such as repairing bridges, escorting tanks, and blowing up important supplies.

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