Misfits embraces blockchain gaming with multi-year Tezos deal

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Misfits embraces blockchain gaming with multi-year Tezos deal

Florida-based Misfits Gaming is the latest esports organization to enter the mystical world of the metaverse through a blockchain-focused partnership with Tezos.

The basics: This agreement is another indication that Misfits Gaming is keen on expanding its focus and activities.

  • Tezos is an open-source blockchain, a platform that enables peer-to-peer transactions using smart contracts.
  • Much like the company's deal with Team Vitality, this partnership will last for multiple years and is the entry point for the esports org to establish a presence in Web3 and perhaps even the 'metaverse.'
  • As well as more traditional activations like branding, Misfits and Tezos will work together to launch blockchain gaming platform Block Born and allocate some of the former's $10M gaming incubator towards on-chain products.
  • As is almost the rule when an esports company embraces any blockchain or cryptocurrency-related service or product, general fan sentiment has been negative.

The expansion: Misfits Gaming is no longer just an esports organization.

  • Misfits launched an agency in May 2021 to connect outside brands with appropriate entities in gaming and esports.
  • The company has continued to expand its offering as an entertainment brand, signing prominent Minecraft creators Ranboo and Tubbo in February 2022.
  • Its previously-mentioned gaming incubator is a means of identifying and investing in startups in both gaming and esports — as well as blockchain products alongside Tezos now — which strengthens the Misfits Gaming Group portfolio.
  • Despite recent developments, Misfits still has a solid presence across several esports titles. It owns long-term or franchise slots in the Call of Duty League, Overwatch League, and Riot Games' LEC.

The blockchain: Misfits has made its plans clear when it comes to utilizing Tezos' technology.

  • The Tezos platform will be utilized for Block Born, a new division described as Misfits Gaming Group's "blockchain gaming arm" that aims to support and grow blockchain gaming.
  • Such support will take place in the forms of content, tournaments, and signing professionals as the scene grows. All of its tournaments will be carbon neutral, according to the release.
  • “Gaming can do a lot better, and blockchain technologies will help get us there,” said Misfits Gaming Group's Executive Vice President of Partnerships, Vas Roberts.
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