Meta Quest 3 Showcases Captivating Mixed Reality VR Game

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Meta Quest 3 Showcases Captivating Mixed Reality VR Game

Twitter user @mrdoob recently showcased a tech demo of Meta Quest 3, revealing the impressive potential of the headset's Mixed Reality Gameplay. Meta's latest headset has made significant improvements over its predecessors, although its widespread adoption may depend on the availability of compelling mixed reality content.

The above video features a game called "First Encounters," in which players find themselves on an alien planet, fending off invading space puffians within their actual living room. Players must catch these alien creatures before time runs out, earning higher scores by matching colors. Initial reviews of the game are mixed, but it has been seen as a step forward in the realm of virtual reality gaming.

The Meta Quest 3 is available in two models, both identical in features except for storage capacity. The base model offers 128GB of storage and is priced at $499.99, while the 512GB model is available for $649.99. These pricing options are $479.99 and $619.99 in the UK, and AU$799.99 and AU$1,049.99 in Australia, respectively. While the headset boasts impressive advancements, the success of Meta Quest 3 may depend on the development of engaging mixed reality content in the future.

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