Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is potentially receiving a Beetle DLC

by Danny Craig  · 
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is potentially receiving a Beetle DLC
Insomniac Games

It has been discovered in the files from December’s Insomniac Games leak that the studio had plans to release a DLC for Spider-Man 2 surrounding the villain, Beetle.

The details:

  • X user @zvis_ceral discovered several references to the comic book character among the files leaked last year. This includes the in-development names of what appear to be missions and a boss battle linked to the villain, as well as a variety of new enemy types like "Beetle Blade" and "Beetle Drone."

  • According to the user, the version of Beetle featured in the DLC is "Lady Beetle" Janice Lincoln, who was defeated by Captain America and Black Widow before being sent to The Raft. Lincoln is also the daughter of crime boss and fellow villain Tombstone.

  • It is unclear whether the DLC is still in the works, as the hack may have caused Insomniac to abandon some of its plans given the scope of the leak, which also revealed that a Carnage expansion was in development for Spider-Man 2. However, the company stated that its Wolverine game would continue development, and given that a Venom game is also planned for 2025, the Beetle and Carnage DLCs could include story elements leading up to it.

What we know from the Insomniac Games leak:

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