Insomniac's next game will be a Venom spin-off

by Danny Craig  · 
Insomniac's next game will be a Venom spin-off
Insomniac Games

Following the recent hack at Insomniac Games, it has been revealed that the studio's next release will be a Spider-Man 2 Venom spin-off.

The details:

  • According to documents obtained as a result of the hack, the developer's Venom game, titled "Venom: Lethal Protector," is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2025. It will be similar in size to Spider-Man: Miles Morales, with 8 to 10 hours of main content and a $49.99 price tag.

  • Players will be able to switch between playing as Venom and "Spider-Heroes," who are believed to be Peter Parker and Miles Morales, and the game will include 12 main missions, three "event bosses," and optional content such as more bosses, collectibles, and challenges.

  • The game takes place after the events of Spider-Man 2, but before the events of Spider-Man 3, and will be set in New York's boroughs infested by Venom’s archenemy, Carnage. The document did not reveal any additional plot details, but it did state that it was an "all-new storyline."

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